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KGNW Radio SeattleNEWS! Beginning October 12, 2004 Mike Riddle will be the new host for a 1-hour Biblical creation science radio program on KGNW in Seattle. The programs will broadcast every Tuesday from 6-7pm, and will be archived here for listening on the web.

Mike will be seeking sponsors and advertisers to help support this new venture. Please contact him or KGNW to assist this important new program.

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Seattle Creation Conference

Educational series by Mike Riddle. Six DVDs available individually, or as a set and save 15%.


Seattle Creation Conference 2004
VHS available individually, or as a set and save 15%

NEWS! - Acts & Facts - Vol. 31 No. 11 November 2002 Online Issue No. 27
"The Cobb Galleria was the host site of the HEEA convention, August 8-10, 2002. About 6,000 attendees had the opportunity to participate in various workshop sessions. Several sessions featured ICR speaker, Mike Riddle, who delighted both youths and adults with topics on the Genesis Flood, dinosaurs, and creation apologetics. Convention Coordinator, Randi St. Dennis, reported to ICR that Mike caused many to rethink the origins and young-earth issues."

NEWS! - Former defender of evolution now promotes creationism (Plano Star Courier) TX 3/1/03 "Through Training ETC Ministries, a Bible- and creation-based ministry designed to promote the power and majesty of God, Riddle said he hopes to equip students, pastors and Bible study leaders to speak and witness with confidence and compassion about the subject of creation versus evolution using Biblical and scientific evidences.

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