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KGNW Radio SeattleFrom October 2004 until May 2005 Mike Riddle will be the host for a 1-hour Biblical creation science radio program on KGNW in Seattle called Creation Matters. The programs will broadcast every Tuesday from 6-7pm, and will be archived here for downloading or listening on the web.

Mike will be seeking sponsors and advertisers to help support this new venture. Please contact him to assist this important new program.

Creation Matters

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October 19, 2004 The Origin of Life origin_of_life.mp3
October 26, 2004 Dinosaurs and the Bible dinosaurs_and_bible.mp3
November 2, 2004 The relevance of creation
Special guest: Ken Ham, President of Answers In Genesis
November 9, 2004 Neanderthals: caveman or human?
Special guest: Dr. Jack Cuozzo, Author and Expert on Neanderthals
November 16, 2004 Human origins
Special guest: David Menton, Ph.D. Cellular Biology and Professor of Human Anatomy
November 23, 2004 Knowing our Creator
An evangelistic message all Christians and non-Christians need to hear
November 30, 2004 Pastors comments about creation
With Pastor Robert Case and Kirk Romberg
December 7, 2004 Darwinian evolution
Special quest: Frank Sherwin, MA, Biology
December 14, 2004 The Days of Creation - How Long were They? days_of_creation.mp3
December 21, 2004 Is the Bible Reliable Scientifically?
Heinz Lycklama, Ph.D. Physics and President of OSTA (a technology and management consulting firm)
December 28, 2004 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Special quest: Dr. Varun Laohaprasit (Neurosurgeon)
January 4, 2005 The Origin or the Races - Where Did All the Races Come From? origin_of_races.mp3
January 11, 2005 Refuting the best evolution has to offer refuting_evolution.mp3
January 18, 2005 Bob Compton on Information compton_on_information.mp3
January 25, 2005 Applying Mathematics to Creation/Evolution
John Johnson, PH.D. Mathematics
February 1, 2005 The Genesis Flood - Local or worldwide flood genesis_flood.mp3
February 8, 2005 When does life begin? - With Randy Alcorn author of "Why Pro-Life?" when_does_life_begin.mp3
February 15, 2005 Aliens and UFOs: Is there life on other planets in the universe? aliens_and_ufos.mp3
February 22, 2005 20 logic errors and fallacies used by evolutionists 20_logical_errors.mp3
March 1, 2005 Reasons to home school - With home school moms and leaders Lori Flem and Kathie Stabbert reasons_to_homeschool.mp3
March 8, 2005 Cloning and stem cell research cloning_and_stemcells.mp3
March 15, 2005 Can you believe in evolution and be a Christian?  
March 29, 2005 Is the Big Bang Biblical? is_bigbang_biblical.mp3
April 5, 2005 Does It Matter What We Believe? does_it_matter.mp3
April 12, 2005 The Age of the Earth  
April 19, 2005 Special guest Carl Kerby from Answers in Genesis carl_kerby.mp3
April 26, 2005 Genetics a friend of creation genetics_a_friend.mp3
May 3, 2005 The Origin of Life  
May 10, 2005 Was Darwin wrong? was_darwin_wrong.mp3
May 17, 2005 Science and the Bible  
May 24, 2005 Last Show - Topic TBD  

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