Creation / Evolution: Does it Matter What We Believe?


This 170 page manual is probably Mike's most popular lesson plan. Designed to be taught as a ten session course, this guide is perfect for a Sunday school or home school course, or simply a personal study. The book comes with an MS PowerPoint Presentation and Audio File that can be viewed used or downloaded for personal use. This study guide is available as a download from this site, but a $10 compensation to Mike Riddle is expected. Alternatively, the CD may be purchased for $12 plus shipping.

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bulletBible Study / Sunday School Session Layout Lesson Schedule
bulletOutline of the Creation / Evolution? study guide Book Table of Contents
bulletCompanion MS PowerPoint presentation Available to view online or download free
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Bible Study / Sunday School Session Layout
Each session is followed by review and discussion questions

Session Contents
Session 1 Topics page, the creation model, the evolution model, Biblical interpretation
Session 2 The Bible and why it matters, the process for creation, and the order of events
Session 3 The cause of physical death
Session 4 The Genesis Flood
Session 5  The meaning of day
Session 6  The origin of life and statements by Jesus on creation
Session 7  Science and why it matters – the laws of science 
Session 8  History and why it matters – the fossil record 
Session 9  Does it matter what we believe? 
Session 10  Reliability of the Bible 

Book Table of Contents

bulletCourse Topics
bulletThe Creation Model
bulletThe Evolution Model
bulletBiblical Interpretation
bulletPart 1: The Bible and Why It Matters What We Believe
bullet1. The Process for Creation
bullet2. The Order of Events for Creation
bullet3. The Cause of Physical Death
bullet4. The Genesis Flood
bullet5. The Days of Creation
bullet6. The Origin of Life
bullet7. What Did Jesus Say about Creation?
bulletCreation and the Bible: Conclusion
bulletPart 2: Science and Why It Matters What We Believe
bulletNatural Laws of Science
bulletFirst Law of Thermodynamics
bulletSecond Law of Thermodynamics
bulletThe Law of Cause and Effect
bulletThe Law of Biogenesis
bulletWhat is a theory?
bulletHow to test a theory
bulletConclusion: Is evolution science?
bulletPart 3: History and Why It Matters What We Believe
bulletThe historical record
bulletNatural selection
bulletTransitional forms
bulletAlleged transitional forms
bulletThe horse
bulletSummary and conclusion on the fossil record
bulletPart 4: Does It Matter What We Believe?
bulletThe importance of Genesis as true history
bulletGenesis is the foundation
bulletWhy it matters to Christians
bulletWhy we should not compromise
bulletEffects of evolutionary teaching
bulletThe battle plan
bulletAppendix A: Reliability of the Bible
bulletAccuracy of content
bulletAccuracy of prophecy
bulletAccuracy of archaeology
bulletThe Bible and opposition
bulletGod is a caring Creator
bulletGod sent His Son
bulletThe Bible changes lives
bulletThe key
bulletAppendix B: Resources
bulletAppendix C: Partial List of Scientists Who Believe in Creation

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Powerpoint Presentations - To accompany "Creation / Evolution; Does it Matter What We Believe?
(Viewed Online) or (Download 1.7 MB Zip File)

This presentation covers many biblical and scientific reasons to believe in creation. It also discusses why evolution and the Bible are not compatible. Topics include: Overview of the two models, 7 biblical truths that declare the Bible and evolution are not compatible: (1) The process for creation; (2) The order of creation; (3) The cause of physical death; (4) The Genesis Flood (worldwide, local flood, or myth); (5) The days of creation (literal days or long ages); (6) The origin of life; (7) Jesus and creation. Science and why it mattes what we believe, Why it matters what we believe.

Topics Covered in Seminar Presentation:

bulletTwo models
bullet7 Biblical truths why it matters
bulletScience and why it matters
bulletWhy it matters what we believe

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